Intimacy And Polarity, music video for Stepmother (Lukas Simonis, Jeroen Visser, Bill Gilonis, David Kerman)

Neuropäpste, participation in Arf Arf & friends, Wall Gallery, Rotterdam

Neuropäpste, Fake Opera, with Mariëtte Groot, De Player, Rotterdam

Neuropäpste, Testing Wilhelm Hein, published on Nurse with Wound für Arme Vol. 2, Eigenbau Records

development of Afrofuturism Now! festival at WORM, Rotterdam, co-curated by Rasheedah Phillips, The Afrofuturist Affair


goodiepal radical software, film/video

vulvax / Losse Flodders, video recorded at Kunst & Complex Rotterdam

Who’s Afraid of Hans Clavin, video recorded at De Player Rotterdam

Sunset Boulevard - a Neoist research project, 8mm film commissioned by Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles

Co-development of Zine Camp, zine festival at WORM, Rotterdam


Neuropäpste, Reizende Zeilen, also performed at Stichting Perdu, Amsterdam & Wall Gallery, Rotterdam

Conceptual consultancy for Hometown, collective film by filmwerkplaats Rotterdam


Co-founder & dean WORM Parallel University, Rotterdam

Floppy filmmaking workshop, transmediale.12, Berlin

Sly Prop Otter X Screen, video with Wilhelm Hein & Jaap Pieters


Neoist Exercise: Don’t blink for the duration of one roll of 16mm film, 16mm b/w film, performer: Istvan Kantor, shown among others at Diffraktion festival, Berlin; Dresdner Schmalfilmtage, Dresden, VHS Festival Rotterdam and included in Wilhelm Hein’s & Annette Frick’s underground filmmaking zine Jenseits der Trampelpfade.

Rongwrong, video with Annie Wu

Pomona Science Fiction Club, Super 8 film, voice: Henk Bakker, screened among others at International 8mm Festival Kampen & De Player, Rotterdam

Neoist Ritual: How to Make a Stone Circle, Super 8 film

Super 8 projection + voice performance with Cora Schmeiser, Heidegger, Rotterdam

Super 8 projection loop + dance performance with Sato Endo, WORM, Rotterdam

actor in Ctrl-Alt-Esc from Rotterdam, film by WORM collective, role: The Pornologist


A Neoist Research Project, festival programmed in collaboration with Mariëtte Groot at WORM Rotterdam, Dec. 3 2010 (participants: Chimp Monty, Monty Cantsin and his Telekommunisten, Martin Howse, N.O. Cantsin, Katier, Gabrielle Barros Martins, Ieke Trinks, tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE, Leo Svirsky)

Rotterdam Neoism, video with Jeroen Kuster

Sucking Life, radio play with Jeroen Kuster, 4 Science Fiction Radioplays Curated by Felix Kubin, WORM/Klangendum Studio

atTAYc archive, Super 8 film

407, Super 8 film/music video for VRIL (Lukas Simonis, Bob Drake, Pierre Omer, Chris Cutler)


Coraria, video with Cora Schmeiser performing John Cage’s Aria

Neuropäpste, Fucker Pays the Bill, continuing band project with Mariëtte Groot, guests: Vanita & Joe Monk; published by Eigenbau Records, Germany

Art is a Luxury, performance with Coolhaven (Lukas Simonis & Hajo Doorn) at CBK Rotterdam

Performance with Nina Hitz at Kboek - Points of Production, Noordkaap, Dordrecht

Floppy Films, project for filmmaking on floppy disks, exhibitions: Pixxelpoint 2009, Nova Gorica, Slovenia; Also Space 2/C-Space, 2010, Beijing; iMAL, Brussels (moddr_labs group exhibition), 2010,; Ruangrupa, 2014, Jakarta, Indonesia


Zyklus, Fluxus event after Tomas Schmit, at WORM T. Schippers, WORM

Reader (‘lector’) new media at Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam (until today)


Web site Permutations exhibited at p0es1s - Oi Futuro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Le chien ne va plus, performance by Cornelia Sollfrank, Hamburg, also known as Neoist Guide Dog

Course director Media Design & Communication, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam (until 2010)


iso.pro.txt.vim.tex.swap, codework in collaboration with mez breeze, reprinted in mez breeze, Human-Readable Messages, Traumawien, 2012

Web site plaintext.cc, awarded with Junggesellenpreis der Netzliteratur, Stuttgart

Le Chien ne va plus, performance by Cornelia Sollfrank, Hamburg


Words Made Flesh, essay, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam


Unstable digest, weekly code poetry selection in collaboration with Alan Sondheim and Beatrice Beaubien


Lecture for/with jodi at art.bit collection, NTT InterCommunication Center, Tokyo, Japan; essay for catalogue Install.exe/JODI

runme.org software repository, contributor (along with Alexei Shulgin, Olga Goriunova, Alex McLean, Matthew Fuller, Amy Alexander, Pit Schultz and The Yes Men)

txt.warez, collaboration with Sebastian Luetgert, honorary mention transmediale.02 software award


0100101110110101.org, prank in collaboration with 0100101110101101.org (Franco & Eva Mattes), DINA festival, Bologna


Website Permutations - reconstruction of historical text automata - awarded Pegasus 98 award (by Die Zeit, ARD Online, Radio Bremen, IBM Germany)


with Stewart Home: House of Nine Squares: Letters on Neoism, Psychoeography & Epistemological Trepdiation, Invisible Books, London

24 hour nonstop participation in NEOISTA FESZTIVÁL - EXPANZIÓ 9, Vac, Hungary , with Istvan Kantor, tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE, Phycus and Angela Idealism.

Freelance writer for Sklaven (magazine edited by Bert Papenfuß, Berlin)


BBS + web site Seven by Nine Squares, also see Wikipedia


member of The Official..TV Audience..Medium Band, TV Hospital, X94: junge kunst + kultur, Akademie der Künste Berlin, with tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE, Brad Hwang, Yvonne Harder, Björn Balcke, Dr. Meyrink.

APT 62, Neoist one-week in-house commune with John Berndt and Jake T. Unclean in Paris, France

Collaborations with the Luther Blissett project


Various issues of SMILE, the international zine of multiple origins


Computer Music PL=250, on: The Unseen Collection, Variant Audio Tape, Glasgow, 1989

Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland: Festival of Plagiarism (participant/performer along with Stewart Home, Klaus Maeck & Walter Hartmann, Decoder, The Tape-Beatles)


Three Lamp Events, Super 8 film after George Brecht, Berlin/Germany